Vanna, a Parkview Care Center house pet

On Oct. 8, 2016, Parkview Care Center in Evansville, Indiana, had the chance to showcase its in-house pets at the local West Side Nut Club Fall Festival Pet Parade.


Along with 21 residents, 54 associates and family members, Parkview pets Marvin and Vanna got in on the fun and walked the route or rode on the float. Marvin is a shih tzu, and Vanna is a Great Pyrenees mix. Associates and family members brought about 10 other dogs.


“We were promoting our Eden Alternative facility since we are the only one in Evansville,” said Tammy Belcher, admissions director. “Our jungle theme and large group really stood out among the crowd. We even had jungle-themed music!”


The crowd seemed to love the group.


“This event did a lot to bond our Parkview family together and show our community how much family and our animals really mean to Parkview,” Belcher said.


As an Eden Alternative facility, Parkview Care Center seeks to make residents feel more at home by including house pets to care for and interact with, as well as interior and exterior plants. In addition to Marvin and Vanna, Parkview is home to an Australian shepherd, three cats, many fish and 13 birds.

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