Left to Right: Christine Chinn, physical therapist assistant; Myrtle Hibbs; and Nikki Pirtle, occupational therapist assistant

In October 2018, Myrtle Hibbs experienced full-body weakness following her battle with heart and respiratory failure.


Hibbs was admitted to Parkview Care Center, in Evansville, Indiana, on Oct. 31 for rehabilitation.


Upon admission, Hibbs had difficulty balancing and walking with a wheelchair or walker, she could not transfer in and out of bed and she could not perform everyday self-care tasks without total assistance.


Parkview Care Center provided physical and occupational therapies to improve Hibbs’ mobility, allow her to transfer with independence and help her perform hygiene and self-care tasks without assistance.


Physical therapy utilized muscle-stimulating activities and state-of-the-art equipment, such as an Omnicycle® exercise machine, to give Hibbs her strength back, while occupational therapy worked to teach Hibbs strategies to safely perform hygiene and self-care tasks like bathing and dressing.


Hibbs worked diligently and made steady improvements throughout the therapy process. By the end of her rehabilitation, she could use a walker to balance and walk with independence, and she could transfer in and out of bed without assistance. She could also perform all of her activities of daily living, requiring only supervision.


“Mrs. Hibbs comes to us when she needs help to get back home after the hospital,” said Jennifer Smith, director of rehabilitation. “She always works hard to get stronger.”


Hibbs completed therapy on Nov. 11 and returned home to be with her husband.